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I am so proud and blessed to be in this business for 20 plus years. I have made so many friends for life, that have allowed me to give them a manicure or a pedicure. My passion is just how my name breaks down.

LI-SA- funny, sweet, giving, creative, generous. Lisa means a female that is devoted to God. Lisa has also been associated with the lily flower. Lisa means oath of God. I really have a deep passion to help people understand how special we all are. In this business I have learned so much from other people. I know that being a gal that does nails doesn’t seem that great, but it is definitely my calling. Anyone that knows me, I believe would concur.

I am so cognizant of your safety and health. I use a copper bowl and I do not use those nasty jets. This is for your protection. I use a zero gravity lounge chair. There's a reason why they call them perfect chairs. When getting a pedicure these chairs are perfect for taking stress off your spine and lower back. By reclining in the zero gravity position, you can also reduce the strain on your heart and relieve low back pressure.

I strive to make every visit an experience and not just an appointment. I love the little added touches that I give to my relationships that I have built. Thank you to all of you. I sincerely love what I do.

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